WHO IS THE NORI WOMAN?  - student project

Identify Your Goal Client

My line is for the Metropolitan woman who is social, vibrant and not necessarily shy from being the center of attention. It’s not uncommon for her to meet up with friend’s mid-day to ‘catch up’ and change into an alternate outfit to grab a bite to eat in the evening. She more than likely has a creative spirit to her persona and doesn’t mind mixing patterns and bolder colors together depending on her mood. 

Define the Lifestyle Your Product Represents 

My client is the social butterfly who may work a 9-5 but also has a side hustle with a potential long-term goal of pursuing what makes her completely content (i.e. launching a line of cosmetics, working on a handbag line, owns a day spa, an owner of a boutique, etc.). 

I know the image is of a personal style blogger however that’s one quick example I could provide of a client who would be ‘social’. 

Identify Your Client’s Expectations 

My client would pick my product over my closest competitor Rachel Roy, because of cost, sizing and fit. My line NORI, would will provide materials of quality without paying $698 for a jumpsuit. 

Scour the Sale Racks 

After visiting Macy’s and Bloomingdales I noticed that most items that haven’t done well are kaftan’s, cascade blouses and minimalistic shirts that are marked down to $149.00.