The Sloth

The Sloth - student project

The Sloth & I had a love hate relationship. I needed to to create her, but each time I did I was unhappy with the result, which led to more and more procrastination. And then it came to me, after watching this class, The Sloth needed to be 3D. Meet The Sloth, a long awaited commission for a very special girl.


I absolutely adored this class, and am in awe of Isobelle's skills.

However as a single mum with several jobs I simply do not have the time to create such a beautiful project, so I took all the skills that I had learnt in this class and transposed them into something that I could do in one day.

I am a watercolour artist, so I tweaked the project to suit not only my available time, but my skill set, creating on a good weight of Khadi watercolour paper (100% cotton, recycled from the rag trade) and with pigment ink and watercolour paints.

I must admit, it was still a bit of a rushed job.  I had to use a larger utility knife as I had misplaced my more delicate craft knife, but I think the odd flecks of white added to the finished project as my style has never been one of perfection.

I hope you enjoy my project.

The Sloth - image 1 - student project

The Sloth - image 2 - student project

The Sloth - image 3 - student project

The Sloth - image 4 - student project


The Sloth - image 5 - student project


(Side Note:  If you want to see my art you'll find me on but my Instagram has more of my art on it than my website at the moment ... (which is alcohol ink) and which is a bit all over the place, but has my watercolour and illustration based art. I throw a bit of photography in here and there for good luck too, lol.  I am based in Wanaka, New Zealand.)