TODAY I NOTICED. - student project

DAY 1 || Sunday, 5th June 2022.

Today I noticed a baby lizard on my wall and I am so terrified of it. I know it doesn't harm you or anything but I hate it. I noticed it moving from one wall to another moving clockwise in the whole room. But then it just disappeared somewhere. I looked for it behind the cupboard in my room but it wasn't there anymore and I m scared that if I sleep, it will crawl on my bed and then it will be the death of me. 

My morning is not exactly how I wanted, that's one of many reasons why I hate summers. Sometimes all I want to do is go back home and never come back but then reality kicks in and all my dreams appears before my eyes so I just need to be strong and live with this fear for now. I really hope I get rid of it somehow because my anxiety is on peak and well I m sleep deprived.