Subway Man

Subway Man - student project

I used a slightly different technique than the one described in the course.  I used one of my own photos as a reference.  Sometimes I draw freehand, but often I trace (as I did for this image) and make decisions about what to include or exclude.  I often make colour changes, but usually pick a palette based off the photo by using the eye dropper tool. While I often make a line drawing first and then add colour in a similar way to that outlined in the course, for this and other illustrations, I used the select tool to draw and colour fill. Something I like about this way of drawing is that it forces me away from outlining and makes me think in terms of shape and colour relations. Part of what I enjoy about digital illustration is how different the workflow and processes are to traditional drawing and painting, so I really try to push myself to work in new and unfamiliar ways.  I am working on another illustration, the one of the woman doing aerobics, using the method outlined in this video, but it's not done yet!  I've added a process image. Thanks for providing clear instruction and the PDF notes. I enjoyed this course a lot.