Structuring my Story

Structuring my Story - student project

SKillshare - Writing a Structure for my Novel


  • Passion. This is to offer myself a challenge of being able to write with confidence, while accomplishing this also encourages me to do something from home.
  • Theme. I suggest that my storyline, and dialogue is entertaining, and of value to people who like the genre of a historical romance.
  • Flaws. Reserved, lustful, procrastinating, disobedient (to my vows as a novice nun in the book so far).
  • Premise. Should I marry the Count, by then becoming a lady of significance of much wealth and power, although this prevents me from my private religious vows to continue as a nun?  I was never really able to ‘fit the mold’ so this is no surprise that my life will lead me this way.  I decide to marry.


What if my character, a novice nun, is given to a love of a man, lustfully so, instead of the church?  I cannot pretend of my purity while still attracted to the Count.  I decide that I must follow my heart or forever be disappointed without his love?