Still life

Still life - student project

the first try (value study) - 

Still life - image 1 - student project

the second try (value study) 

Still life - image 2 - student project

the third try (value study) - 

Still life - image 3 - student project

Final painting:

Still life - image 4 - student project

My thoughts on the process:


First of all, analyzing my value studies, I noticed that my value sense is off. I did play fair and I did not color pick. My values were imprecise every time, and I know this. I am having issues with values everywhere - pencil drawings, digital paintings, gouache paintings. But this is Ok. I believe in practice, I believe in the learning process. I am sure, my sense of values will get better if I keep practice.

Unfortunately, nowadays the situation is: even if I did 10 studies, all of them would have been wrong. So, I stopped after the 3rd. 

I know that the final piece is not as realistic as the photo and I know that I ignored textures (I do not know how to do them yet). But overall I like my painting. It has its' charm. 

Thank you very much for the class! Your digital painting is so realistic I am amazed by your mastery!

If you have some advice, please share.