Sloooooow Traffic

Sloooooow Traffic  - student project

Hi Ashlee (and fellow students!),

I have just recently started my handmade business and began with a couple of art shows, a Facebook page and my own website with sale capabilities. I have created an Instagram account and I have a decent amount of followers for being pretty new but I found that Instagram followers like to look at pictures and that's about it.... And getting traffic to my website without something like Etsy was something I didn't know how to do well without spending a bunch of money on computer advertising that I don't know enough about/really don't want to do.

Sooo... I opened an Etsy shop. I am finding the same thing. People will see my posts on Facebook and Instagram but how to you get them to not just "like" the photo, but to actually look at your shop? I have tried key words and I am getting some hits through Etsy but not anything to write home about. Today I tried a small promotion ad on Instagram just to see what sort of response it gives me on clicks to my Etsy site but results are pending.

Here's my Etsy Shop as well as my website (which I have no product in at the moment because I am trying to sell my current stock via Etsy (for better visibility...or so I hoped), as well as some local stores on consignment (which isn't ideal). 

Any suggestions or feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks so much!