Shit I Coulda Heard in the Back of the P1

Shit I Coulda Heard in the Back of the P1 - student project

“I hate nights like this,” she was sayin’ with some sort of half-smilin’ going on. You know the kind of smile you get when shit’s awkward as hell. Like you’re not sure you even wanted the other person to hear what you said, but you said it – I mean that shit’s out there now bro. You know what I mean?

So yeah, I turned to face her, ‘cause I’m not tryin’ to be a dick, ya know. And shit, I’m single now, so let’s not rule anything out – am I right? And she was good looking too - kinda nerdy, but I can dig that. So I was like, “How do you mean? What’s up with nights like this?”

And she be like, “I don’t know. They just suck. I feel like we should be out doing something in the world, you know?”

And I was like, “We? Are you talking, like, WE we? Or just some other kind of shit. ‘Cause if you mean US let’s do US!” I mean, I didn’t say that bro, I just thought it. You know I’m not that kinda dude right – I got some morals and shit. But damn if I didn’t think it. So, I’m all somber-like saying, “Yeah, I feel ya. This town is dead as HELL at night. Damn near everything closes down at like 10. It’s that crime. They tryin’ to keep that crime down, ya know?” And then I was like, “You headed home?”

She be like, “Nah. Just wandering.”

Ain’t that some shit? Wandering. Around here.

Then this bus rolled up and I had to dip, but for real bro…

I coulda hit that.

Gary Jackson

I design things and try to be artistic about it.