Sample Project! :)

Sample Project! :) - student project

What you upload is up to you, but you can upload the three mini exercises and the final project. Just have fun with it and play! :D 

Here is my color wheel scanned in and cleaned up. I did make two but this is the one made with the true primaries; cyan, magenta, and yellow. 

Looking back at my intuitive mixing exercise, I think I mixed purple more than any other color. You can tell I really love purple!

Here is the color play outcome still wet:

Notice how different it looks dry. The areas that had pools of water got an amazing texture and the circles I used more water in blended more. Honestly, you can find a lot of color inspiration just looking at one of these at a time.

So, for the final project here is my pinterest board. Feel free to get inspired there and be sure to share yours! 

Here are my favorites from the final project scanned in. I had a certain theme in mind for each of these pallets.

I was thinking of parrot feathers for the first one.

When creating this one I was inspired by a saturated sunset color scheme.

This one was inspired by nature, mostly trees and moss.

This is just a color scheme I love working in. I tried a variation of my favorite analogous colors.

It's a good idea to scan in your work like I did and keep it in a folder on your computer for future projects. You never know when you'll need inspiration, and having swatches made from paint you own and seeing how they mix can be a really helpful tool!


Made a few more because it's so fun!! :D

Here is an example of how to use a swatch. I really liked the color scheme so I stuck to these few colors and mixed them to make other colors. I used a scrap piece of paper to test out the new mixes as I painted. 

I hope these examples inspires you to pick up your brush and create! :D I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

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