Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

This sample project will give you an idea of how to complete the course assignment.

Start off by picking a fantasy character! You can choose from pretty much any series or universe, but for this assignment let's avoid any blatant nudity for the time being. It doesn't technically need to be human, but it ought to have some sort of body structure, or at least recognizable facial features. Something that will give you room to experiment with proportions.

I'm going to use Spider Man's unruly nemesis for this example. We are Venom!

Once you decide on a character, you should tell us their name, where they're from, and upload an image that clearly shows what they look like.

Sample Project - image 1 - student project

Next, you're going to plan out how you'll change their proportions. Study your subject for a bit to get a feel for how they're normally built. Are they really muscular? Then you can slim them down in your transformation. In my blueprint, I've made several changes including making the head more prominent, shrinking the mouth, and collectively lowering the facial features towards the chin. Keep it simple by using basic shapes and lines for this drawing. Save the pretty details for the next part! You can never exaggerate too much for this assignment, so push the proportions as far as you want to.

Sample Project - image 2 - student project

Now you have a blueprint and a subject to apply it to, so combine them and upload the finished product. Recreate this character by paying close attention to the proportions of your planned sketch. Here's a rather more cute looking version of Venom. You can stick to black and white or color, employ 2D tools or 3D -- the choice is yours, so go wild and have fun with transforming your chosen character!

Sample Project - image 3 - student project

Brian Shepard

2D Game Artist and Illustrator.