Sample Project / Watercolor Type & Brand Guide

Sample Project / Watercolor Type & Brand Guide - student project

Hi class! This is an example of your class project. Our ultimate goal is to create a collective library and share reviews, suggestions and information on watercolor types and brands. 

Your final project will be creating a watercolor guide of your own. In this class, I showed you my favorite types of paints, including pan sets, liquid watercolors, tubes, metallics, neons and handmade watercolors:

Sample Project / Watercolor Type & Brand Guide - image 1 - student project

Sample Project / Watercolor Type & Brand Guide - image 2 - student project


The project gallery for this class will end up being an awesome library of every type of watercolors if we all work together :D So feel free to share information with the rest of the class, this will be a great place to go back to before shopping for new supplies.

Try your best to share this information with the paints you test out:

  • Quality (Let us know if you consider your paints to be high quality, or not really.... just be honest!)
  • Availability (Were your paints easy to find?)
  • Sampling (Sample your different types of paints so the rest of the class can see)
  • Rarities (Unusual colors)
  • Moistness (Were your paints moist or dry? Do they take a lot of water to get worked up?)
  • Price (Please share how much you paid, this is important when deciding to shop for new paints)
  • Pigmentation (some colors can be more special than others!)
  • Value (Were they worth the price? Did you find a good deal?)
  • Vibrance (How bright and colorful are the paints you're using?)
  • Mixing Space (Do your paints come with a convenient mixing space? If not, what did you use?)
  • Traslucency/Transparency (Do a little opacity test like I did, I drew little icons in black ink and painted over them to test this, as you will see in the videos)

Sample Project / Watercolor Type & Brand Guide - image 3 - student project

Create chart like these. Make sure to mention what you liked and what you did not about each type of paint. Remember, it's totally valid to share cheap paints or even let us know if you did not like a specific type of watercolor. 

Sample Project / Watercolor Type & Brand Guide - image 4 - student project

Make sure to share your favorite shopping spots too, share where you like to shop online and/or in your town. This will be a great way to share and discover information. 

Mine are:

- USA:

I 100% recommend BLICK, they have the best prices and a huge variety.

- Mexico City:

Arte y Material

- Cancún:

Tinta de Calamar

Casa Diseño Nawala

- Online Mexico:

Amazon México

Dreamy Shop Kichink

Sample Project / Watercolor Type & Brand Guide - image 5 - student project

Can't wait to see what type of paints you use!!!


Ana Victoria Calderón


Top Teacher