Red Girls

Red Girls - student project

For this Drop Cap I got inspired by where everything takes place, the Benimidori. From the high mountains to the ocean, there is a story to be told. The red above, the red mansion, the red heaven, is at the center of the letter, as this is where the main characters live, develop and grow. The Steps, needed to go up and down, to get in and out of the mansion and to the world, similar houses full of workers of the Iron works factory owned by the Akakuchibas live there. The "black below" where the Benimidori meets the ocean and many other interesting characters. Way in the back, the mountains, where mysterious  people live. So high and so deep in the back that sometimes there is often the question as if they are real or not, if they are a myth or a legend. The Mountains keep some secrets deep in them. This is the Benimidori.

P.S. I added my sketches, and took a screenshot of my path so anyone can give me some critique if you have some time. It will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!