Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing - student project

Objective 1: Become closer to financial independence by acquiring my first rental property.

KR 1.1 save at least 50% of my monthly income for the down payment

KR 1.2 determine location of where I'll buy (neighborhood, city, state, USA)

KR 1.3 build my team: property manager, lawyer, tax accountant


Objective 2: Reduce my risk of Diabetes health complications

KR 2.1 Achieve an a1c blood test result of 6.2 or less in February

KR 2.2 Complete Fitness Blender Abs workout program by December 25th

KR 2.3 Cook a low-carb meal at home 1x / week 


Annette Margolis

Becoming Wealthy In More Ways Than One