Project 3: Family Dream

Project 3:  Family Dream - student project

Hi all!!


For this project, I have made a link available on dropbox to download and view the completed project.


Here is the link to the file:


Once you have downloaded the complete file, unzipped it, and you are viewing the html-file, you might notice that there are a few small differences in the completed project. For example, the nav-control icon looks different - I took some creative liberty to use another icon, as the icon mentioned in the class didn't display correctly - even though I used the exact same code... I later realised when placing the new icon, that a little bit of a change is needed to the css code in order for it to display.


Thank you for the in-depth explanations and the real-world examples of websites that can be built.  It is highly appreciated :).

Susara Van Niekerk

Artist, Designer, Lover of Life