Photography prints and stationery

Photography prints and stationery - student project

Hi everyone!

Brooke, what a wonderful class, so full of useful information and tips--thank you so much! I haven't finished all the lessons yet, but I will definitely go back to each of them in the future.

My project is to get some of my photos printed to sell on my (not-yet-existent) e-shop. I think I'll start with postcards, and then do bigger prints. I am in contact with a local printer, and did a number of tests, and now that I am satisfied with the type of paper and all, I can start printing a number of cards to sell.

I just finished my portfolio website. It still needs some testing, but it's pretty much complete. I worked on my branding, and decided to use yellow as my main color, alongside greys, white and black. The words that I think correspond to my work are Simplicity, Nature and Elegance.

I also created a simple logo from my handwriting that I'll be able to use on various products, and online.

I would love feedback on my work, as I am only starting to figure out all of this:

Thanks :)


Brand identity:Photography prints and stationery - image 1 - student project


Photography prints and stationery - image 2 - student project

Postcards samples:

Photography prints and stationery - image 3 - student projectPhotography prints and stationery - image 4 - student projectPhotography prints and stationery - image 5 - student project

I'd also love to win a consultation with Brooke. Here are my answers:

1. My goal with my art business is to be able to only work part time on the side. I really have nothing against a side job, as I think it'd help keeping me grounded and also provide the security to do my art however I want. I would love to develop an e-shop with beautiful prints of my photos, and then maybe a stationery collection, with postcards, notebooks...

2. I think my main strength is to see beauty everywhere. I am amazed everyday at the beauty of nature around me, and I think the photos I take reflect this: simply beautiful nature. I also have a computer science degree (a PhD actually, which I got a year ago), and it make me able to solve technical problems and also give me a different perspective on art.

3. I would love Brooke to help me in the next steps for my business: which areas should I focus on in priority, and how to reach more potential clients on social media and elsewhere.