Onika - student project

Niche Market

My customer is a fearless independent women who is strong, confident, and marches to the beat of her own drum. She lives in a trendy neighborhood on the urban fridge that is surrounded by coffee shops, bars, yoga studios, and boutique stores. She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures. She also enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and staying active by participating in various activities such as dancing, and hiking. My customer can wear my product on a day at the office, leisure, or a night out on the town to showcase her unique style.

My customer is someone that works in a creative setting and is very successful. Although work is important to her she also enjoys her social life, attending fashion events, art gallery openings, and music festivals etc. She doesn’t take life too seriously and is a free spirit.

My customer makes a mid-high level income and is willing to splurge on fashion, especially one-of-a kind pieces. She values quality, fit, and inventive design. My customer can find product similar to mine at clothing boutiques and specialty stores. 
Below is an image of a product from one of our  competitors, Ashley Williams. My customer would chose my product over my competitors because I would use a more breathable fabrication at a better price point. I would also create a lifestyle behind the brand that is apparent in everything we do, which will build a following and customer loyalty. 

Designer Mission

"To defy all rules of conformity and any fashion entity that claims a woman’s style cannot breach strength, individuality and feminine flair simultaneously."

The mission statment above is from a brand called Hellz Bellz. Every word in that statement could not describe what I stand for any better. I love the fact that it screams female empowerment while breaking all the rules.

Brand Mission Statement

"Redefining the boundaries of contemporary womenswear"