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Olivia's Workshop - student project

[Hi everyone,

I'm so happy to be here! I'll try to do the challenge, but I don't know if I can do the daily assignments, because my art teacher does give his students a daily prompt too... It's sometimes hard to find the time to do one single sketch, so, doing two seems quite complicated... But I'll try!]

Day 27 to 30:

Sorry guys, I can't make it... Tough week at work, and numerous evening outings with friends or for business purposes. I'm used to sketch during evenings, so I didn't find time... I'll try to finish all the prompts in the future days, hope you don't mind if I post them later.

Thank you again to Elisa and her very interesting prompts,which really helps to SEE more of the life around me, and to step out of my comfort zone... to finally see I can make it!

Thank you to all of you for this priceless adventure. It was a real pleasure to be part of such a kind group. Every comment enjoyed me so much and helped me think that I can do it! Even though I sometimes (often) underestimate myself and my hability to draw/sketch/paint... ;)  I enjoyed seeing every sketch of everyone, and it was my little morning pleasure to go and see your new sketches! That's amazing how we can do such different things out of the same subject, with all our different lives and sensitivity.

Day 26: PATH

This is a path I saw in the gardens of Versailles (again!). I love this view, I find it peacefull. I go there often since I discovered this calms me. It's a bit complicated in my mind sometimes, and walking helps me. So, I walk!

I love the trees in winter, they have a so intricate design! The trees on the right have pink branches (my favorite color) and I like the way they look. The strange things in the middle of the grass are sheeps. There was actually a lot more, all different colors and shapes. It's the first time I had figures in a painting : there is a little boy on a bike on the path, and his mom looking after him a little way behind.

Olivia's Workshop - image 1 - student project

Day 25: PILE

It's frighteningly easy to find piles in my house... But I decided to sketch a pile of sketchbooks that I randomly use. The one at the bottom was offered to me by my little sister, who did it all by herself. The cover is a work of quilting with 2 different fabrics. The inside cover is bright red, and the sheets are removeable, which is very practical. It pleases me so much that she made it to give it to me! She is very creative.

Olivia's Workshop - image 2 - student project

I'd like to share too another sketch of a pile that I did a few weeks ago, and that I'm proud of. That was some stuff on my art desk, including an old book and a new one, and some sheets of old music paper that that I used to stick behind some bookmarks I did to give my family.

Olivia's Workshop - image 3 - student project


I finally took the time (and the courage!) to jump into that prompt. That always frightened me, and, with no assignement, it's hard for me to step out of my confort zone. So, thank you, Elisa, for that one. Not perfect, but I finally find it was fun to do!

This is sort of a park near my appartment, in the back of the town hall. In summer, there always are a lot a children playing football on the grass, or in the playing ground. Adults too take advantage of this park by just enjoying the sun and even sometimes a picnic. Old ladies usually sit on the benches to chat (even during the warmer days in winter, the chat is just shorter!). This is really a nice place to be. I often walk my dog here, and this is the way to my afternoon work too.

Olivia's Workshop - image 4 - student project

Day 23: SPIRAL

Finally, I had found the spiral I was looking for! I wanted to sketch a seashell, but I finally found a tiny snail shell in one of my walks in the Park. It's a little pinky, which is what caught my eye in the first time. I picked up a piece of old wood and a broken little branch with spring buds to keep it company.

I used a flat round brush to do the splatters, and I'm happy I tried, this is a nice effect! A little too much in this sketch, but it was fun... ;)

Olivia's Workshop - image 5 - student project


err... That's not exactly a cleaning tool, but Elisa said that it could be something to clean our body too, and that we are grateful to have. Well, I'm really grateful to have this liquid body soap that smells like heaven! My mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas (yes, I really was spoiled this year!) and it has the smell of pear and cocoa. In fact, I don't recognize the 2 fragrances, but I really like the smell and I use it everyday, even if it's emptying a bit too fast!

Olivia's Workshop - image 6 - student project



Much more easier for me today to find my sketching subject : I just bought eggs, so I sketched these 6 fragile eggs in their box! ;) 

Note : This was the last page of my Moleskine sketchbook! Can't wait (but a little afraid) to begin the new one!

Olivia's Workshop - image 7 - student project


I went to the gardens of Versailles again yesterday, and it was a beautiful day, with a lot of the shy winter sun. It was very pleasant, especially because I went there with my beloved one, to show him some places I found recently when walking around. I like walking these days, I feel better when I walk among nature.

I didn't draw outside though, because we were cold and eager to go back home for a hot drink. I took a picture of a path with high trees with long shadows. In the end of this path is the very nice fountain of Apollon.

Olivia's Workshop - image 8 - student project

Day18: WIDE

There is nothing as wide as the soul... Obviously, I didn't paint this one from life, but I took 2 reference images and tried to draw 'the mirror of the soul'. I had pleasure painting this one. It's very different from what I usually do, and it was interesting. I also used my brand new 'elegant writer' pen, which makes so beautiful colors when wet!

Olivia's Workshop - image 9 - student project


You may think I'm a fool... My mother-in-law gave me 2 beautiful sets of Arches paper for Christmas, but I didn't ever used them ! One of them is even in the plastic paper yet... In fact, I'm so afraid to somehow spoil them that I don't dare to put a bit of color to the first sheet ! It remember me a story of my mom's childhood she told us several times : she had a pink apron she didn't ever used because she was afraid to make stains on it (it's the purpose of the thing...). So she put another apron on top of it to avoid damaging her loved pink one! (Mum, sorry if you read that! ;) ). I'm writing the same story again...

So, here are my untouched Arches papers... I wanted to add something to my sketch to give it more interest, but I don't know what... If someone has an advice...

Olivia's Workshop - image 10 - student project


I wondered what I could sketch that is unclean and interesting to paint, when I suddenly thought about my watercolor palette, which I like to let uncleaned all the time (this is such an 'artist thing'... I do love it!). So here is my unclean palette for my unclean sketch of the day! It was fun doing it, though I spend tooo much time on it! ;)

Olivia's Workshop - image 11 - student project

Day 15: TANGLED (soon to come. I don't have  enough time to sketch AND post daily. So I sketch when I have the time... and put my drawings here when I can! I'm coming through all the wonderful sketches here, but don't have time to put on comments... Sorry...)


I'm lucky to live near Versailles, and I love to go in the gardens of the Castle of Versailles. The statues are all hidden under tarps in winter to avoid being damaged by the bad weather. This is funny as we can't recognize what's under. It certainly is a big flower pot under this one. It was a peaceful moment, there was only a crow who was waiting for me to leave, since I have biscuits with me...

Olivia's Workshop - image 12 - student project


I chose the baking roll I got from my grandmother. She used to cook, and I loved when she made us cakes. She always had some treats when her grandchildren would go to her home... even when we were big enough not to beg for some! I loved her very much, and I'm grateful I have this souvenir from her. It have been used by her, and by her children, and even grandchildren. My daughters and I still use it.

Olivia's Workshop - image 13 - student project

Day12: TALL

I'm late on that one...


I have the chance to have a little aloe vera near my desk, and, as I arrived to soon at work after a big walk in the park, I had enough time to sketch it. It was very relaxing. That was the first time I sketched at work. To complete the vegetal shapes, I added a portion of a pheasant feather.

Olivia's Workshop - image 14 - student project


My other prompt of the day (given by my art teacher) was 'something in front of me'. Perfect! So I drew what was in front of me yesterday evening, which happens to be a person in the same place than I too... ;) I sketched it first in pencil, because I was afraid the proportions were totally wrong. I then inked and painted it. I'm not totally happy, but I see I'm improving, so that's fine...

Olivia's Workshop - image 15 - student project


Tough work... I hope I'll find something which inspire me later!


I made that little owl from my mind, as as didn't want to copy something already existing...

UPDATE : I finally made bolder contours, I thought it's better like that. (sorry for the colors, my camera is bad and I don't have a proper scanner... but it's the same sketch, I just outlined it.)

Olivia's Workshop - image 16 - student project

Olivia's Workshop - image 17 - student project

Day 7: REST

I didn't find someone or something "real" to sketch which males me think of resting, so as I previously spotted this photo of a fox resting, and I wanted for a long time to paint a fox... This is my resting subject! 

Olivia's Workshop - image 18 - student project


I don't usually have much spices at home. I was used to be fond of ginger, but my body decided abruptly that I couldn't eat ginger anymore... Plus, my family isn't crazy about spices, except in the christmas cookies, that we always do to eat them on christmas morning (and during a few days after!).

I cheated a bit and searched for a picture that reminds me of christmas and spices. I found one, and while I was drawing, I even had the sensation of smelling cloves in an orange! Delicious.... ;)

Olivia's Workshop - image 19 - student project


Well, it's not exactly a 'people', but she was waiting till I'm finished drawing. This is my siamese cat. I didn't draw her yet, and I'm a bit disapointed, because she's a lot cuter in real life! But, since it's the first time ever I draw a cat, this must be enough, I suppose.

Olivia's Workshop - image 20 - student project


I found half a lemon in my fridge, a bit old. Since it's certainly yet edible, and graphically very interesting, I decided to do a very quick sketch of it!

Olivia's Workshop - image 21 - student project


I managed to make one single sketch out of my 2 daily prompts again ! The first one was 'playful', and the other was 'a child's toy'. So I did a quick sketch of one of my favourite daughters' toy as kids. This is a game where you have to go you way home as fast as possible, without being eaten by the ogre in the center. This is the ogre who tells you what to do, with a big loud voice, and sometimes he says 'it smells of fresh flesh', supposedly 'I'm going to eat you!', and that would make us laugh a lot!

I'm not so happy with the sketch itself, but it reminds me of sweet memories...

Olivia's Workshop - image 22 - student project


One of my neighbours gave me a few weeks ago a little banana tree. I hadn't any flower pot free for it, so it waited a day in the house with its roots unprotected. When I put it in a brand new pot the next day, I thought it wasn't going to make it: the leaves are getting more and more brown and dry... But, unexpectedly, with a lot of care (and water), two new leaves are growing now! The first one, though, is going bad, making me think all of this is really temporary, no matter what.

Olivia's Workshop - image 23 - student project


I manage to do one sketch out of my 2 words of this day 1: the other was key ring. So I borrowed from one of my coworker her beautiful - and colorful - key ring made of little pearls and voilà ! This is a gift one of her friend brought her back to Mexico. I'm grateful she has agreed to lend it to me.

Olivia's Workshop - image 24 - student project

Ajouter à l'Anti-bannière

Ajouter à l'Anti-bannière

Ajouter à l'Anti-bannière