My first UX Portfolio -Wireframes (lo-fi prototype)

My first UX Portfolio -Wireframes (lo-fi prototype) - student project

Hi! I am Ana Sev Mar, a Special ed teacher transitioning careers to UX.

I am building my first UX portfolio, prompted by the Google UX certification.

I am using the website builder Webflow, it is super easy and I am really happy with how the portfolio is coming up.

The main problem is that, with the 'build as you go' I was wasting so much time fixing and trying to see how I want to structure my pages. Moving things around and playing around with the expecifications.

I decided to take a step back and spend some time creating a wireframe with Balsamiq.

It is a really intuitive software and one of the easiest I tried so far. Thanks @Evan Kimbrell for this course, the class was super straight forward, very useful and enjoyable. Watching it at x2 speed allowed me to finish the following 4 screens of my portfolio in an hour.


Home page:

For the homepage, I was trying to figure out how I want my Nav bar to look like, how I am going to structure the content and how I want to introduce myself.

I don't have any real projects -yet*.  This was stopping me to build my portfolio before, but with the wireframe the white space doesn't feel as intimidated anymore. It is something I would build next. And that is okay.

My first UX Portfolio -Wireframes (lo-fi prototype) - image 1 - student project


About page: 

As an introvert (often struggling with the impostor syndrome) 'shelling myself' in the about page is a real challenge.

I want to keep it simple but show a bit of my personality and talk about what I am passionate about in UX.

I would like to record a video introducing myself. Including the captions and transcripts. But I am aware this is a lot of work, so it would most likely be something I would improve after I launched the website.

My first UX Portfolio -Wireframes (lo-fi prototype) - image 2 - student project



Following Austin Kleon's advice, I am trying to share my working & learning progress and do it in front of others. As well as I am posting here this wireframes, I am writing small articles in Medium regarding different experiences I have.

My first UX Portfolio -Wireframes (lo-fi prototype) - image 3 - student project



As I want my portfolio to allow me get into my first designer job, the contact page is one of the most important ones.

I include a contact form and I provide links to my different profiles.

Somehow, my social media accounts had multiplied in the last month or two. Now, I have accounts in dribbble, behance, clubhouse, few slack groups and linkedin channels, among the designers communities I followed.

I know designers and recruiters could have their preferences, so at the moment I have a profile in almost every platform. And yes, I find a bit hard to manage and adapt the content to each platform.

My first UX Portfolio -Wireframes (lo-fi prototype) - image 4 - student project


I'd love to hear your feedback in this Portfolio Wireframe's project and learn more about your thoughts!


Let's get in contact :)


Ana Sev Mar

UX Designer & Special ed Teacher