My Pattern of 7 in this life

My Pattern of 7 in this life - student project

This is what I think Rosa. Thanks for this project.  It gets me thinking. I also see why you say it is good for us to learn to play by ear because I start thinking creatively and not boring.

I use 7 days of the week.

Day 1 is Monday

Day 2 is Tuesday

Day 3 is Wednesday

Day 4 is Thursday

Day 5 is Friday

Day 6 is Saturday

Day 7 is Sunday

Music has 7 tones therefore we can think about these 7 days.

We have high and low days.

High days can be high tones.

Low days can be low tones.

Friday is high, so I give it a high pitch.

Monda is blue, so I give it a low pitch.

Wednesday is moving so I give it a long pitch.

Sunday is to rest so I give it a rest note.

Thank you Rosa. I love this.