Milly and Moe's

Milly and Moe's - student project

I was looking for the block print texture with this one. Nothing beats the real thing, and I would've done it but I'm far away from my studio and ended up just vectorizing the thumbnail sketch :P also for some reason I changed the name to Milly... I started off with Millie in my first sketches and then ended up with this xD maybe when I get back home I will refine it more.

Used 6 out of 7 of the Black & White elements you mentioned in your course.

Many thanks!

Milly and Moe's - image 1 - student project

Update: I got an email today about this post so figured I could update it. The original design was just the scribbled thumbnail in my tiny sketchbook in an area about 1"x2" so it was sloppy and distorted. I ended up liking the rawness and distortion but usually I refine at least a little. I was faaar away from my home studio so that was my excuse. Also in my original post I said i would fix it! So here I am now, almost a year later, refining the thumbnail.

I tried to tidy the text and make it look "nicer" but I kept robing it of it's essence. I think the scribble text works real nice! so all I did was vectorize it, and update the texture to look like a real block print! Hope you guys like it :3

Milly and Moe's - image 2 - student project