Loon and Deer

Loon and Deer - student project

1.Pick your Favourite mug


These mugs stuck out to me with their uniqueness, BUT in all honesty I love the look of almost everything Emalco has posted on their website as well as Instagram!

Loon and Deer - image 1 - student project

2.Sketches and Ideas


The Deer.

I love animals of all sorts thus is probably why I am covered in animal tattoos.  So when I think about the outdoors, nature and adventuring I always think of the moments I have had while seeing or interacting with animals.  Deer have always been a favourite of mine I love the antlers. 

When going in to this design I printed and cut out the shape of a cup so I could visually wrap my head around it and really play around with the angles.  I like having something tangible so I can so I can figure out how the design can really interact with the object its going on.  Once I had an idea to run with I started sketching it out on the paper cup and started tackling the logistics of the design. 

Loon and Deer - image 2 - student project

The Loon.


 Sooo…. When I think of nature and the outdoors, I really think of those still moments. 

Every year growing up my father would take my brother and I camping.  Two of my fondest memories of this were learning to be silent so we could listen to the sound of the loons calling (which was always beautiful and slightly haunting but cool) AND catching tadpoles and frogs!

So this one was kinda a little ode to that!

Loon and Deer - image 3 - student project

3.Finished Design on Template


Loon and Deer - image 4 - student project

And some playing with color, I still don't know which I like better

Loon and Deer - image 5 - student project


Loon and Deer - image 6 - student project

Loon and Deer - image 7 - student project

Lastly I just wanted to say thank you Jon, this really got me back in to really playing with and using illustrator for the first time in a while and its been a really fun experience getting back in to the program.  So thanks for the experiance and competition !    :D