Lonely Girl ( Original Comic )

Lonely Girl ( Original Comic ) - student project

Lonely Girl ( Original Comic ) - image 1 - student projectLonely Girl ( Original Comic ) - image 2 - student projectLonely Girl ( Original Comic ) - image 3 - student project

this is my original comic that i have been working on and off for about 9 years . . . actually more off than on lol - i hope though to fianlly post it online next year 

it is about a girl whom nobody talks to because she have been ostrasized by her community for 15 years until he meets and outsider and then the adventure starts  -

i love this manga tutorial and i voted it up - the passion of Camillia is so pulpable 

i hope to post hte final cover here but my membership is expiring soon so i'll post what i can but this skillshare is one of my favourites here . .ty camillia

im inspired a lot by Hayao Miyazaki and Takehiko Inoue