Lockdown Living

Lockdown Living - student project

I generally enjoy emails from Sorbet, they're punny (which I always enjoy, you should see the emails during waxing month) and they feel fun and light. They're also colourful, well laid out and easy to read. I can easily tell which information is relevant to me.

Lockdown Living - image 1 - student project

I like that this makes the people behind the company feel more real (though I think the text is a bit small - you have to click on it to get a larger view).

Lockdown Living - image 2 - student project

Like that this has a clear CTA and that there's a good incentive. I also like that they make you feel heard. This is something I've seen several brands do through the lockdown.

Lockdown Living - image 3 - student project


Lockdown Living - image 4 - student project

Clear click through and does what it says on the tin. They also have a clear store locator at the bottom of the mail.