Little Fox Clothing

Little Fox Clothing - student project

L I T T L E  F O X

Goal Client: The Little Fox goal client is a young professional woman who loves fashion and is always keeping up with the trends and is not afraid to be the first of her friends to get on board with the newest trend. She loves the city but she thrives at the beach. She kills it at the office, but can’t wait to meet her girlfriends for drinks at 6pm on Friday. She loves a night in with a glass of wine as much as she loves a night on the town. She works hard for her career, which would be nothing less than her dream career. She’s a dreamer, a doer, and a hustler.

The Lifestyle Your Product Represents: The Little Fox gal is goal driven, smart, vibrant, an advocate of positive energy, and a lover of love. She works in a creative industry, whether it be Fashion, Entertainment, or other form of Design. She attends fashion shows, Hollywood events, and parties filled with beautiful people but stays grounded in what is closest and most important to her. 

Client’s Expectations: My client would expect well made, on trend pieces made from quality fabrics over competitor’s like Jenni Kayne and Malia Mills because of our more attainable prices. If she can get more for her money, her wardrobe just got that much bigger and better. 

Scour the Sales Rack: I’ve noticed that items in bright neon colors, loud patterns, and items made of fabrics that don’t lay easily and beautifully on the body are not selling as well as other items. 

Designer Intention: My designs are intended for fresh young women who have a passion for clothing and how they feel in clothing. My designs are intended for looking and feeling your best. The most important thing about being sexy is feeling sexy. No one’s opinion is more important then hers.

Brand Mission: “Designed to stand out, it’s who you are.”