Learning to Read Tarot

Learning to Read Tarot - student project

For my first spread since taking the class, I decided to utilize my favorite spread. Past, present, and future. With that in mind I see my first card, knight of pentacles. From this card when I asked myself what this meant for me, many things flowed through my minds eye. First it was, this was the beginning. You were go with the flow, unguarded, without direction. Looking for purpose and reason for yourself. My present card is the ten of cups. When asked what this means to me. I heard, guarded. All cups are out as if I am expecting or needing something from the external part of me. On the inside I am a diamond and I don’t have a lot more work to do. As I’ve pressurized and am now a diamond. By pushing the cups out I am also able to give to others, this wealth of knowledge I have learned. To me this is stating I need to remain open and giving. Only than can my ten cups become full again. My last card, the knight of swords. Shows I have grown from the past and present experience. I wield a sword now and can use it to my advantage. However it’s how we use the sword that makes the difference. Use it wisely.


I appreciate the time you took to guide this class! I look forward to taking more of your tarot courses.