LOCATION FREEDOM - student project


So I am a photographer and a travel blogger. I have always loved photographer but a large part of the appeal was being able to travel with my work. Literally pick up my work place and take it woth me. I always thought I would have to be largely based somewhere and embark on shorter trips from my base. This year I went to the Greek Islands for a month with my travel blog. It was an eye opener and I realised I could do this all the time. If I gave up my apartment in NYC I would be releasing myself from my greatest financial burden and freeing myself up for total location freedom. 

So that is it. The end goal is total location freedom.

personal freedom + professional freedom = location freedom

So to mark the beginning of my new life I would like to hike the Camino de Santiago initially flying in to Barcelona. 

So in answer to your question if you gave me a ticket - I would fly to Barcelona.

Secondly, at the end of my life I  would like people to say:

1. I lead a life rich with experience

2. Inspirational

3. A free spirit

4. A good friend

5. Brave enough to be my own person



1. My Apartment: Paying crazy rent in NYC makes me feel like I have to be there to justyify it. By giving up my aprtment I will be freeing up myself for more travel. My work is so seasonal so in down time I don't have to by in NYC - I could be anywhere! I have voiced my intent to my friends and family that I am giving up my apartment and working towards total location freedom by this time next year. By voicing my intent I feel like I am making it real and manifesting my goals. By sharing it with my support network I am giving them the right to hold me accountable to my intensions.

2. Job Security: Action = expand my network, book work in other countries, monetize the blog, create my online gallery, set up artist in residency program

Basically my greatest motivational triggor is just doing it - throwing myself into the deep end. Giving up my apartment and removing the safety blanket.

2. Job Security


- Start and end the day right

- Create a daily routine

- Set expectations

- Respect your time

- Set aside time for inspired thought - nurture my creativity

- Plan for 4-5hrs of productivity

1. Set 4-5 tasks for the day

2. Exercise

3. 1 hr for inspired thought

4. 1 hr to de-stress