Ink botanical illustration: texture and shading

Ink botanical illustration: texture and shading - student project




This first exercise is sooo valuable! Don't skip it guys (; I tried out all my fine liner pens and was so surprised to see how they differentiate... even ones that I expected to be thiner were much thicker and vise versa. Also you can see how each pen reacts differently to the paper, some were more slippery and gave a broken line and some more steady and smooth. It's really worth it to test this out even on every kind of paper you use so you can tell which pen you need to choose for your drawing.



The next exercise taught me so much about how the contour can change to give a more delicate flower or a strong graphical look. The textures were fun to do and I found some new favourites that are so simple yet make such a bold impact.



And the last few shading styles. It was so good to learn how to use different pens to create depth and contrast, and here is where that first exercise comes in so handy, because you can refer back to your list and choose which pen to take for each step - no need to try out each pen all over again! The drawing in the bottom corner was made from another of Marina's classes on drawing tropical leaves - a really nice class - go check it!

Thanks Marina and please keep making more tutorials for drawing super easy and enjoyable ink illustrations (: