Iguana ID Board

Iguana ID Board - student project

This is a little project I'm doing to provide an identity board for a small side business I have in making tamales.

I'm working with some materials from Creative Market (the watercolor splash and geometric shape) as well as an iguana that I got off of a free clip art site.

Here's the original iguana:

Iguana ID Board - image 1 - student project

I flipped her around, removed the background with the Photoshop magic wand tool and added an overlay color in green. I also gave her a little flower corsage to accentuate her femininity. : )

The polygon image arrived in the rose-orange color, so I changed that to white and put a little gradation on it. For the smaller polygons, I used control-click (Mac) to select the pixels on a copy of the polygon, colored it white, resized it smaller and reproduced that several times.

Iguana ID Board - image 2 - student project

Iguana ID Board - image 3 - student project

I'm going to do a bit more work on this, and I'll need to figure out a way to add in the company name... I'm still thinking about how to do that!

Once I get all that sorted, I'm going to take this to a photocopy machine and transfer it to a board to use at my tamale stand!

Leitha Matz