Homemade Cheese pizza

Homemade Cheese pizza - student project

Thanks again for showing your tips Jose.

These are the ingredients I used

Homemade Cheese pizza - image 1 - student project

I forgot to take a picture of the dough because I was too excited to roll it down and make my pizza.

The pizza dough is super easy to make -  I divided the dough in half and I used only half for that recipe but I ended up with a really thick pizza. Next time I'll divide it in 3 (I love thin crusts pizza).

The pizza sauce was delicious. I used only a 28oz can and I have enough left for 2 more pizza. San Marzano is really the best - I wish it was less expensive.

I think I'll used less provolone cheese because it ended up being on the strong side and more mozzarella. I cooked my pizza for 14min at 515 degrees and it was perfect.

Overall my family loved it and again, we were too excited to eat it that I also forgot to take a picture.

Next time I'll make a veggie pizza and that time for sure, I'll take pictures of people eating before it's gone.

Thanks again for sharing.