Granola breakfasts for this week

Granola breakfasts for this week - student project

I have to admit I hate oatmeal in any form but I love granola so I made my jars with that instead.  I also used plastic lids as the lid doesn't touch the food plus, I can write what is in the jar right on the lid with a sharpie marker. 

Here is my worksheet which was very useful in figuringout all the options I already have in the kitchen.

The one thing I did not add to the jar was an apple.  I did make a note on the top of one of the jars that I need to add a sliced apple.

The tip to put th jars in the freezer is awesome. I wouldn't have thought to do that and I was worried about the banana going brown but the day it spends in the freezer will not affect it.

Sarah Moore, Urban Earth Mom