Freshen Up Your Sentences with Patterns and Length Variation

Freshen Up Your Sentences with Patterns and Length Variation - student project

1) Write one example of each sentence pattern. Have fun with this. 

Trish couldn't sleep.

Trish tossed and turned all night, too hot, too worried and too wound up to slow down her spinning thoughts sufficiently enough to allow her body to drift into the restorative sleep that body so badly craved.

2) Write a 50-word paragraph of short sentences describing action (real or fiction). 

Trish jumped out of bed.  Ran to the bathroom.  Threw her nightclothes on the ground with abandon.  Turned on the shower and washed quickly.  Brushed her teeth.  She grabbed the first outfit she saw.  Searched with temper for her wallet.  Found it!  Grimaced in the mirror on the way out.  Late again.  Damn!

3) Write a 50-word paragraph of 1 freight-train sentence describing a dream or emotional moment. 

It was here, that dreaded day, that longed for day, the day when she would know if her IVF treatment had worked, and she couldn't wait another moment to see if it had worked but she also couldn't bear to see a negative result, so she delayed, made a decaffeinated coffee (her precious potential baby wasn't going to be infected with unnecessary toxins) and dreamed of seeing two lines, imagining her husbands delight and high she would feel, but not letting her mind wander down another route, and in a few minutes she would know but until then why not enjoy glorious hope.