First (Baby) Steps into Freelance Career

First (Baby) Steps into Freelance Career - student project

One thing that I took away from this course was that I needed to broaden my social media so that I can connect and learn from those who are doing similar work that I would like to be doing. I realized from this class that I wasn't entirely sure where I wanted to be heading / which direction other than knowing that I wanted to be an illustrator- so by going online and researching other artists / accounts that I admire I went back and forth between their accounts on social media and their websites / online stores / portfolio sites and found consistencies and details that I wanted to implement.


(Instagram: @eviedzomba)
My instagram was already pretty established but I did make the choice to make a minor change to my instagram handle so that it could be the same as my new Twitter account. I reached out to clients who have tagged me in posts / my work in the last month and asked them to update any posts that credited me in them and everyone did! I have been working extensively with my grid on this platform and I have been really happy with the results. 



(Twitter: @eviedzomba)
Started this account a couple of days ago and made my first post! I am still trying to make more of a social media plan for this platform but I feel excited that I got the ball rolling with it.



In my research, I benchmarked a lot of really good illustrators and other artists that are doing work that I admire / would like to emulate in my own way. This answered the question of what I *want* to be doing that was asked early on in the course- more editorial work, more simplification, more lettering, etc. It felt like a great start for me! I'm excited to move onto some personal branding, website set-up and more.


Another step that was made while watching this course was that my husband (who is a professional designer and a partner at his design studio) agreed to help step in with me as more of a business mentor and we had our first meeting about my art as a business. (PS: it was cute, we went out for coffee and it was like a legit business meeting before he went to work). We talked about many of the things that I learned here- working with publishers / agents in the future, the amount that I would like to set as an income goal before I can quit one of my day jobs, ways that I can get my work out there & online, etc. It was a great way to communicate what I had learned here & how I can take realistic steps to move forward. 


Might update at another point to share my portfolio progress, but so far I have around 8-9 pieces that I feel comfortable with putting on my website once it's built!