Finding My Way

Finding My Way - student project

I have been working with traditional art materials for over 20 years.  I never really took it seriously.  It was therapeutic to me, just a form of expression.  Then family and friends encouraged me to start selling my work.  So I began putting my work online and the feedback was wonderful. I got really inspired to create more.  Then one day I ran out of supplies and because I work large scale and paint very thickly, I haven’t been able to stock up on the supplies I need to finish many of my pieces.  So I dusted off my Intuous Pro and began working digitally.  Two main styles of art emerged:  portraits and abstracts. Examples of both are below.  As far as products, I can see my images being made into prints or possibly printed on t-shirts and other merchandise.  I would very much like to share my work with others and make a living while doing so.  It is what I think about when I first wake up and when drifting off to sleep.  Turning my passion into a full time business would certainly change my life by allowing me to leave a very hectic and stressful life behind and start fresh with my wife and daughter.  I would be forever grateful for any advice or tips  that you can provide Melanie.  Thank you so much.  I am really loving your classes.   

Finding My Way - image 1 - student project


 Finding My Way - image 2 - student project