Feeling Overwhelmed...

Feeling Overwhelmed... - student project

VIDEO ONE: Script Options

1. I just moved into a new apartment; way too much stuff (and super-heavy boxes). I wanted to save money so I moved with the help of family instead of hiring professionals. Took me 3 days.

2. Starting to "minimalize" but it's been kind of a struggle. Wanted it complete by birthday but was unsuccessful.

 3. I own so many books!! I even sold/donated about 70 books back to the store...and I still have more than 50 books. NO MORE BOOKS!!!

4. Yesterday was my birthday. Not sure how I feel. I just believe that I should be more successful (and have more focus) in my personal life.

5. I tried a new recipe on my birthday and shared the meal with my family -- this was my birthday gift to myself: being with family.

6. I finally got an eye exam (I was feeling anxious about it) but learned that my eyes are actually normal (just getting older so I now need readers). But, the whole experience was positive and gave me one less thing to worry about.



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Wow! I actually have a lot of options. I'm going to narrow my options down to #6 and #7 because they are the most positive things to journal.

My format will be a 6 x 8 in Strathmore drawing spiral pad.