ESSENTIALLY - student project

Description: 'Lugaw is Essential' in the Philippine cuisine context. Lugaw also called as Rice Porridge. It is best to eat during cold weather. It is suited to eat when people are sick.

Inspiration: I am inspired to cooked this painting of Gabriel Metsu namely, "The Sick Child". One thing in my mind when I saw this painting is Lugaw. Whenever I am sick, my mother always prepare to cook some lugaw for me. This will always keep my stomach warm and comfy after a long day. 

Process: Nothing comforts like of bowl of Lugaw. It is easily made primarily of rice, water, salt, and fish sauce together on top of it is hardboiled egg and crisp garlic bits. My mind processed the food related to the painting is this essential food that culturally embedded to the Filipino dish for the sick people especially to the child.