Drawing Outdoors

Drawing Outdoors - student project

So today i started watching your class, i wanted to go out somewhere to draw something! But i didn't know where or what! Then my family suggested to go to the park for a run, i didn't want to go for a run but then i thought that i could draw there!

I sat somewhere where there was not too much sun and drew. 

Drawing Outdoors - image 1 - student project


This was the result with just inking. (I posted this on my instagram -> xitlali_minssart)


Drawing Outdoors - image 2 - student project


When i got home i colored this piece with watercolors. This is the final result! I enjoyed going out and drawing from real life. It is definitly something that i am going to do again. 

Drawing Outdoors - image 3 - student project

Xitlali Minssart

Artista Francomexicana