Color Theory!

Color Theory!  - student project

Finished my Basic Color Theory!

This project was really fun, had a little trouble mixing the blue/red violet tones in my color wheel. But I think it worked out better in my temperature practice. 

My warm and cool activity!

I finally got to the Harmony and Intuitive Color Mixing practice! I really loved seeing all the different tones I could get from 3 colors. For the first intuitive color mix I chose 3 brighter colors and I was surprised at how many earthy tones I could make with them. I also really love the light peachy color and the variety of violets I got in my 2nd mix!

Had a lot of fun with the personal color palette practice!  I started using some colors I have that I've never used before and I really love how it came out! Excited to start the final project!

Finally finished my final project! I used my Halloween palette and made this abstract Halloween themed pattern design!