Bit by Bit

Bit by Bit - student project

My name is Eric and I have already gotten into the habit of collecting random pieces of knowledge that interest me. I also have a digital/analog system but it's not as fully developed as Tim's on the analog side. I also am working towards getting into the habit of funneling everything into one place once a week. I understand that to be a critical step but have not incorporated that into my life yet.

Right now I have a small notebook that can fit into my pocket. I have a system of symbols that I use to indicate different types of thoughts and ideas which correspond to certain lists that I have as a central repository for all of the things that I collect throughout the day. For example, if I have an item that is an insight that I got from an article or something I will draw a small lightbulb. That lightbulb means that it goes on my insight list. If that insight is related to a particular subject like math, I will right math next to the lightbulb and it will go somewhere in my math notes.

I currently and haphazardly take what I have collected throughout the day and funnel it in to my main repository of ideas but I really need to do it more regularly to make it more effective. What I mean by main repository is that it is a collection of everything that I have collected so far in terms of knowledge. The idea is that, when I add something new, I just take what I have collected during the week and put it into my main repository. I have a repository for different subjects allowing me to better organize my thoughts. This process will allow me to review what I already know because I have to go through the process of figuring out what I have collected through the week is relevant to what I have in my main repositories. This is why I call this project "Bit by Bit" because I just add a little bit more to my main repository of ideas and knowledge.

I have mostly digital notes for more detailed information but I tend to condense that information in analog form on paper. I prefer drawing mindmaps by hand and being able to be messy with it. That is why I plan on taking all of my more detailed notes that I take via computer and condense them into boiled down core ideas on paper every 2 weeks in order to take advantage of the whole spaced repetition idea. If I do this in addition to processing the ideas and knowledge "bits" I collect throughout the week once a week, then I should be pretty set. However, like I said I am good at collecting but not regularly reviewing which I feel is not effective and I would very much like to change that by getting into the habit of reviewing more regularly.

When it comes to reading books I like to use a pencil to mark passages that I feel are important with the following symbols.

Vertical Line: Noteworthy information to put in main repository

Squiggly Line: Review to better understand this and then put in main repository if necessary

Arrow Pointing Right: Actionable item

Circle: Look this up and put in main repository if necessary