Approach Mission

Approach Mission - student project


DATE: 26/3/2019

COURSE: Double Your Social Skills & Communication Skills


Approach mission

This week try to approach 3 new people using the techniques you have learnt in the course and upload a word document sharing what you have learnt


The first approach was I entered a jazz music show, I stood by a lady and immediately I said hello with a smile! followed with a question is this seat taken, she smiled back and said no seat. After some few minutes she started chatting me up about the music show.

What I learnt; I learnt that people are comfortable and welcome’s positive energy and open body language easily and can break the ice that comes with the first-time interaction or approach. And I also learnt that the only way she could chat me up was because of my approach.

I was at a work training section yesterday, after the section I approached immediately, I complimented the Instructor "Hi Sir, I liked your method of teaching! I am Priscilla “and I was present and had open body language.

The lesson learnt was it was so simple and effective in building instant rapport between us and we even had other conversations not even related to the training section I attended but benefited me a lot career wise.

I attended a fellowship in my neighborhood and I wanted to feel a sense of belonging, so after the meeting, I approached the team leader to compliment her looks, I choose to compliment her looks because she was friendly and sounded easy going during the meeting.

Finally, I learnt that observing people can help one choose the best approach towards them to foster a less tensed interaction.