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About page - student project

When I was in my third year of college, I developed a keen interest in health, fitness, and nutrition. Sadly, that interest turned into a destructive obsession that led me down a road of almost ten years of disempowered eating habits. Now my mission is to help others overcome their destructive eating patterns. That’s why I created the Empowered Eating System.

I can absolutely help you if:

-you are constantly sabotaging yourself with destructive food choices: binging, overeating, purging, chewing and spitting
-you value your health above everything, but you’re constantly making choices incongruent with your goals
-you constantly obsess over food, calories, and your weight and you want to stop
-you want to end the constant tug-of-war in your head
-your disempowered choices are affecting other aspects of your life

When I’m not busy building a business, serving clients, or treating patients, you can find me at the gym moving my body long distances or picking up heavy things to improve my endurance and strength. Afterwards you can find me satiating my curiosity watching one of hundreds of YouTube videos in my queue or reading one of the two hundred books on my reading list. And if that isn’t entertaining enough, I always love to explore new places and meet new people, whether it’s in the same zip code or thousands of kilometers away. In short, I love to learn.

The Empowered Eating System is the evolution of 10 years of my experiments and research. It will show you how to regain your health, regain control of your brain, make empowered food choices, and stop obsessing over your health and your weight. That way, you can start living life again, achieve your optimal weight, and have the health you deserve.

If you want more of me, I invite you to my Facebook group The Empowered Eater where I have one Facebook live on Mondays, random thoughts on Fridays, and plenty of advice and support throughout the week. I will answer you! You can also find the Empowered Eating System at www.kevinburciaga.com and start your journey today!


I was born in Tampa, FL, while my dad was in the Marines. I grew up near the power and politics of Washington, DC, and earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences in 2015. I have been a traveling physical therapist and have treated patients in four states. I have written for New Grad Physical Therapy and am super proud of my online program the Empowered Eating System.