1st Workshop On Skillshare

1st Workshop On Skillshare - student project

So I've going through this video and found a lot of things helpful but also got lost a couple of times. A lot of the periods where I was lost was when it came to figure drawing. I've taken a couple of art classes but none of it was on figure drawing as most of it was still life, and more general stuff. Also these classes were about a year ago so some things have gotten rusty as I've been doing more design type of work which doesn't always take real solid drawing skills.

1st Workshop On Skillshare - image 1 - student project

For the first couple of rush sketches I tried to focus exclusively on the pose and not worry too much on making it perfect. At times I found myself making corrections I admit which actually ended up hindering the process. 1st Workshop On Skillshare - image 2 - student projectI found doing the faces a lot easier than speed sketching poses. I also found my work looking better if I took time figuring out how to do the exact pose. 

1st Workshop On Skillshare - image 3 - student projectNonetheless I persisted and found that my skills quickly improved when it came to figure drawing I found not worrying about the exact details to be the biggest challenge. In the end I decided to go and back to a fan art piece on one of my shows that I like to watch called Lucifer. 

1st Workshop On Skillshare - image 4 - student project1st Workshop On Skillshare - image 5 - student projectSo, ultimately I ended up utilizing grids for the original piece as it was something I was taught in design and a number of art classes to utilize. I used copic markers which ended up drying out and the background was more splachy. I ended up taking Tom Ellis's drawn picture into photoshop and made it like what I drew but refined it quite a bit. I followed through by making layers and getting the illustration to look like the original.

In short it wasn't the bow and arrow worked on in the video, but I found myself somewhat not as moved to do that one and wanting to go back to something I did a month ago.