10 Days Journaling

10 Days Journaling - student project

Today I notice that I feel less stress and anxiety. I also feel that I can stick back to the daily routine I usually do because in the last two weeks it’s really hard for me to stick on it.

Today I noticed that my body start to adapt to my new daily routine. At the beginning of the week, I’m feeling really tired after doing running in the morning, but now it’s getting better. I do still feel fatigued but not so much. I also started to learn Italian and resume my French. I found a lot of similarities between Italian and French like “bon” and “buono” that’s mean good in both French and Italian. I still have difficulties when try to resume my French cause it’s almost 4 months since the last time I learn it. I think I still need to brush up my French again. I also found something interesting how my brain automatically translates Italian words into French words.

In the afternoon, I have an unexpected encounter with someone while I do running. I’ve met my friend’s ex-boyfriend. The last time I met him is like 4 years ago while I’m still a college student and funny how I didn’t remember him at all.

Today I noticed that when I woke up I’m still feeling a little bit dizzy but I keep trying to stick with my daily routine, so I wake up and go running as usual. I also notice that this morning the sky looks so beautiful with the combination color of orange, pink, and blue. When I running I found a cat along on my trip. The cat is so small and cute and he even following me running. I don’t know why and I think today’s morning not so many people doing the running. I even not met with any people while doing run this morning. I start running at 5.45 am and finish at 6.30. After finished running, I start to clean my house terrace and my room, just a little brooming to keep it clean and tidy.
In the afternoon, as usual, I do running too and is full of people, and most of them are playing Kite. I know this season is a perfect match to play kite. Strong wind and bright sunshine. Along the road, I keep brainstorming about the topic for my next podcast episode.
I also called my mom to tell her about my health condition which is my brain tumor is started to grow back again and because of that, I need to do a lot more therapy than I usually do.

Today I notice that I’m not feeling well when I wake up. I really have a headache and high fever but I’m still pushing myself to do my routine. Running. Even though I can’t do it properly and just doing it halfway. Usually, I ran for 5 km but today I only running for 1 km. I also notice that today my schedule is really a mess. I’m trying hard to keep to stick with my usual schedule even though I still need to change some schedule but at least I still manage to stick on my daily schedule.
I spent my time to rest, drink medication, and little workout. Hopefully, this will makes my body a little bit better. And it was work in the afternoon, my fever has been going down and I’m not feeling headache anymore or feels nauseous. I think now I can still continue my daily night routine, writing, and reading. I hope my body will not going sick again. Cause it really sucks.

Today I noticed that I’m still feeling tired and a little bit dizzy. I still do my morning routine as usual. Today is Saturday which is a chores day for me. So, for the half-day, I’m using it for doing chores. I think today I’m not noticed many things and I don’t know why, but today just feels boring. I’m not now if it’s because I’m not doing a lot of things today or anything else. All I’ve been doing today is just watching Youtube and sleep, that’s makes my body feels tired today and a little bit headache. I think the reason why I’m feeling tired and headache today because I’m sleeping too much, even though I’ve been drinking the medications.

Today I noticed that my body has got better. As usual, I starting doing my routine. After finished running. I go to the supermarket to buy some stocks. And not as predicted I’ve met with Page, the realtor who sells a house to me eight years ago. I’m surprised he’s still recognized me, even though honestly I didn’t really remember him. Really, I’m not really good at remembering people. He’s asking me how I’m doing now, some small talk and the funny thing is he asking which one us is actually taller. I just smile and little bit laughing answering that question, I think we’re on the same height.

Actually I’m not doing many things today cause it’s Sunday, most of the time I just spent it with watching Youtube and sleeping. I’ve kinda enjoyed the Ted-Ed series, it’s really binge-watching. You can learn about history, health, politics, and many other things with not very long videos and with very awesome animations and voice actors. I really like the segment called “history on trial” which gives us a different view of many historical figures.

In the afternoon while I do running, I’ve seen a lot of police around my neighborhood trying to put some barricade to block the roads. Usually, these roads are using by the people as a running track.

Today I noticed that my body still feels unwell. Sometimes I can have a high fever, nauseous and now I’m feeling like I kinda have short breath either. And my daily schedule is a little bit messy right now.

Today I noticed that my body is getting better and better, but I’m still feeling sometimes it’s kinda hard for me to take a deep breath, I don’t know why or maybe I got infected by the coronavirus? I hope not. As usual, I’m starting my daily routine, running. Yesterday, I couldn’t write many things because of my keyboard broke and I can’t type anything on my laptop but now, I’ve got it fixed.

I’ve experienced something really weird today, it’s kinda like de javu but I think it’s slightly different. It has happened when I trying to watch Hot in Cleveland season 6 and when I looking into the preview season, I don’t know why it feels like I’ve been watched it before and the weirder part is I felt like I watched this season when I was in high school when it's clearly the show is airing on 2014 which I’ve been in high school from 2009 until 2012. It really makes me feel weird for the rest of the day. This thing makes me can’t believe my own memories right now and feels like my memories are jumbled up. I don’t know if this thing happened because of my brain tumor. And I don’t know how much of my memories that get jumbled up.

Today I noticed that today there are a lot of people playing flying kite today and it’s really a beautiful view. A combination of the clear blue sky, the kite, and the breezing warming wind, it really gives you a good mood. Today noting much different than any other days, because well we all still in the quarantine and not a lot of things to do recently, but I’m trying to keep active with learning languages, writing, and doodling. I realize that almost half of my stationery has been run out and I need to replenish the stock, but I’m afraid that there are no stationary shops that still open this time. Maybe I should check it this weekend when I stock my food. I hope there is a stationery shop that still open during this time. Today, I also got news from my friend in the previous company that she had given birth to her first daughter yesterday. I’m really happy to hear the news because she was my partner in crime when I was worked in the previous company. I hope she can be a good parent for her child.