Aaron Draplin

Master Logo Design with Aaron Draplin

Learn to take a logo from concept to final delivery in this immersive four-week Chroma Course! Create a design that defines your brand with live instruction, curated lessons from Aaron’s best classes, and Aaron’s personal feedback on your work.

Jun 6 - Jul 1, 2022

Limited seats available!

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Your Teacher

Aaron Draplin is more than just a designer – he’s a legend. His career spans more than two decades and features clients like Nike, Patagonia, Esquire, and Burton Snowboards. His studio, Draplin Design Company, is constantly producing work that defines the cutting edge of design. He’s the co-founder of Field Notes, a company that produces smartly-designed, vintage-inspired pocket notebooks beloved by people around the world. As if that weren’t enough, Aaron has also taught hundreds of thousands of students how to hone their skills, develop their style, and set up their own design companies.
Aaron Draplin - Key Art

What to Expect

Your Level

This class was built for late beginner to intermediate designers who are comfortable working in Adobe Illustrator and are looking to take their design approach, process, and style to the next level.

Your Supplies

Students will need a computer or tablet equipped with Slack, Zoom, and Adobe Illustrator.

Your Small Group

In this class you’ll learn alongside other talented designers. You’ll have opportunities to socialize, build your network, and form bonds that last long after your course is over.

Your Live Sessions

Meet live with your teachers and cohort (recordings will be provided for all sessions):

  • Mon, Jun 6th 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)
  • Sat, Jun 11th 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)
  • Sat, Jun 18th 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)
  • Sat, Jun 25th 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)

Aaron Draplin - Photo Collage

Your Curriculum

  1. 01

    Start with sketching.

    In Week One of your Chroma Course, you’ll be focused on the first steps of your design: project scope, sketching, and research. Through a curated selection of lessons from some of Aaron’s best Skillshare classes, you’ll learn all about how to gather information and translate it into a sketch. You’ll also get a Chroma-exclusive lesson taking you on a deep dive through one of Aaron’s past design projects. Plus, Aaron will share his approach to sketching and starting projects off right in your first live session.

  2. 02

    Digitize your concepts.

    Week Two is all about iterating – that is, digitizing your logo sketches from Week One and exploring vector variations in Adobe Illustrator. Your curated lessons will walk you through best practices for iteration, and you’ll also enjoy a Chroma-exclusive lesson all about keeping yourself organized as you work. Finally, you’ll enjoy another live session with Aaron, where you’ll regroup on sketches, look ahead to iteration, and get the chance to ask him your burning design questions!

  3. 03

    Explore type, color, and shape.

    By the time you reach Week Three, you’ll be ready to commit to one logo concept and experiment with type, color, and shape! Your curated lessons from Aaron’s Skillshare class catalog will provide ideas on how to approach color, shape, and type. You’ll also watch a Chroma-exclusive lesson on the topic, and on how holding shapes can make your logo pop. Plus, you’ll join Aaron for another live session, where you’ll mess around with iterations from the previous week, discuss how to settle on a final concept, and discuss how to explore type and color variations in the week ahead.

  4. 04

    Finalize your logo design.

    Week Four of your Chroma Course is all about using your final logo design for your personal brand! Your curated lessons will cover everything you need to know to wrap up this project – and future projects! – cleanly, ensuring you’re ready to carry the skills you’ve learned into your real-life practice. Finally, you’ll join Aaron for one last live session, where you’ll go over final delivery best practices, and get a chance to say goodbye.

“This guy is a fantastic teacher. I love his casual style and his love for the work shines through.”

Jeremy K.

Skillshare Student

What You'll Accomplish

  • Create a logo that will define your design business for years to come.

  • Develop and hone the skills you need to take your work to the next level.

  • Learn to design the way the pros do – with Aaron’s guidance, you’ll go from idea to sketch to final delivery.

  • Receive feedback and support not just from Aaron, but from a whole community of like-minded creatives.

Master Logo Design with Aaron Draplin

Jun 6 - Jul 1, 2022


Limited seats available!

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Cancellation Policy

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