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3 Videos (16m)
    • Story Design Two Intro

    • Story Design Two Story Type

    • Thank You video


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

Do you have an idea for a story but you’re not sure how you want to tell it? Are you having trouble deciding what kind of story it should be? How should you construct your story?

In this two-part class, I’ll give you a method for choosing both of these, so you can clarify your concept and write your short story or longer piece with confidence.

You can take this class before Class One, but I recommend you take both to get maximum productivity and creativity out of the complete story design concept.

Class Two is about Story Type

Here’s what we’ll cover.

  1. What is story type and why does it matter?
  2. Examples of popular story types
  3. How do I choose the story type?
  4. Combining Story Type with Genre
  5. Summary and Wrap

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Fiona Faith R.

Passionate about Writing

Web content writer, author and screenwriter.