Screenwriting: Writing the 10-minute Short

Sarah Zucker, Screenwriter

7 Videos (1h 21m)
  • Storytelling and The Short Film

    • Trailer

    • Three Act Structure & the Anatomy of a Short Film (8:06)

  • Developing Characters and Writing Treatments

    • Character Development (4:15)

    • Writing a Treatment (3:04)

  • Elements of Style for Screenwriting and Writing Visually

    • Elements of Style for Screenwriting (2:33)

    • Writing Visually (3:08)

  • Rewriting and Seeking Production

    • Rewriting and Seeking production


About This Class

Short films are the ultimate calling card in the movie industry, and can be your ticket to an agent, a contract, and even (yes!) an Oscar. In this class, you will learn how to write the screenplay for a ten minute short film, which you can then use as a writing sample or to pursue production. This class is for anyone wishing to learn the basics of screenwriting in a supportive space... Read More

Sarah Zucker, Screenwriter

Hello! My name is Sarah Zucker. I'm a screenwriter, filmmaker and visual artist based in Los Angeles. I'm a co-founder of The Current Sea, a design team that specializes in Animated GIF. I am also a JEOPARDY! Champion. Originally from Canton, OH, I e... Read More