DIY Writing for Entrepreneurs: Hook Your Reader With a Simple Structure Premium class

Cathy Presland, Writer, Teacher, Aging Runner

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27 Videos (36m)
    • Class Overview

    • Class Project Overview

    • Introduction (and first activity - start here)

    • Section One: Your Topic

    • Your Topic: Choose Your Perspective

    • Your Topic: Wide or Deep?

    • Section Two: Your Reader

    • Your Reader: A Reason to Care

    • Your Reader: Depth of Knowledge

    • Your Reader: Four Types of Reader

    • Your Reader: Meaningful Melanie

    • Your Reader: Conceptual Claire

    • Your Reader: Practical Pete

    • Your Reader: Active Adam

    • Writing Framework: Melanie

    • Writing Framework: Claire

    • Writing Framework: Pete

    • Writing Framework: Adam

    • Section Three: Success Tactics

    • Success Tactics: Early Reward (Starting)

    • Success Tactics: Creating Connection (Stickiness)

    • Success Tactics: Openings

    • Success Tactics:Analogy

    • Success Tactics: Story

    • Success Tactics: A Better 'How-To'

    • Success Tactics: Endings

    • Final Thoughts and Thank You


About This Class

Share What You Know

As an entrepreneur we know that sharing our content is at the heart of building credibility. And there are so many ways to do this with writing – whether that's your own site, other people's sites, feature sites, or even long-form social media posts.

Even if you don't consider yourself a 'writer', this class gives you a clear step-by-step structure to craft those first articles. And we discover why understanding your reader is at the heart of creating work that engages and connects with the people you want to reach.

Learn by Doing

The class is based around a (short!) piece of your own writing teaching me something about your morning routine. Whether that's what you eat, how you exercise, your family breakfast, the content matters less than the chance to practice.

After each video there is a short activity and it all builds on itself to create a first draft, and then to refine it, and share it inside the class project area. We keep it simple so you can get it done, rather than be weighed down with words.

Teach and Inspire

Whatever your topic, this class breaks down the fundamentals of 'how-to' writing with a structure you can use again and again to teach your reader something new, or inspire them to do something differently. 

I'm excited to be here and looking forward to seeing your work!

Cathy Presland

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This course is fantastic. I hope to use these techniques in my writing often. Thank you so much :)
I love courses that are direct and to the point and this one is both - I learned something valuable in every lecture. Cathy doesn't just tell students what or how to do something, but why to do it. Brilliant!
I have greatly enjoyed Cathy's course. It has the feel of a course prepared by a true educator: someone who has empathy with her users and understands what it will take to help them learn something useful. Cathy has set up a project that is a doable proposition for any student. She has broken up the course content in a way that supports getting the project done - which is where the real learning will happen for most of us. Cathy explains and exemplifies her framework for writing short non-fiction pieces clearly. If you are at all interested in communicating messages to people - whatever your walk of life - my sense is that spending some time with Cathy's course will be amply rewarded. Thank you, Cathy - as someone who has been through dozens of courses on different platforms, I have appreciated the quality of your work :-) Nigel





Cathy Presland

Writer, Teacher, Aging Runner

Cathy Presland, a former economist, has over two decades of experience across government, international organisations, corporate, business, and non-profits. Best-selling author, and highly-regarded trainer, Cathy is widely published, has over 20,000 students in her online training courses, teaches for The Guardian Masterclasses series, and is an engaging and popular speaker.

In her career as an economist Cathy advised governments and organisations around the world. She set up a micro-credit fund for women, negotiated European regulations, managed multi-billion pound economic programmes, and designed and led global anti-poverty initiatives.

Cathy's ambition is simply to inspire you to be your best self and to do more of the work that makes a difference in the world.