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7 Videos (22m)
    • Intro

    • Lesson 1: Understanding Your Audience (pt. 1)

    • Lesson 2: Understanding Your Audience (pt. 2)

    • Lesson 3: Understanding You & What You Offer

    • Lesson 4: Elements of Great Content (pt. 1)

    • Lesson 5: Elements of Great Content (pt. 2)

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Oh, I get it: that completely helpless feeling when you've just dedicated hours to putting together a new blog post, only to have it overlooked.

There is no magic formula for creating the best content, but there are some effective things to know and ways that you can certainly craft compelling posts that excite your readers. This course provides you with useful tools and insight that you can utilize right away to craft better posts on your blog every time you hit the "Publish" button. Whether you’re just starting out or have been blogging for years now, this class will provide you with the clarity and the skills to publish amazing content on your blog that actually gets read. 

Going beyond writing, this course covers:

  • Understanding your audience and how this applies to what you write
  • Understanding you and what you offer (and how to showcase it)
  • Elements of great content and how you can create it

If you're wanting your blog to be more focused as well as more magnetic to your visitors, then this is the course for you!

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So helpful! Theresa provides simple ideas that I wouldn't have thought of. Can't wait to put them into practice!
Awesome and employable advice!! I will put this into practice and repeat often until I feel I have mastered this content!
Cindy Boney

Always learning!

This class was short and sweet. It gave me what i needed without taking a lot of my time. Thanxs for the hard work Theresa!





Theresa Christine

Travel Blogger, Freelance Journalist

I'm Theresa, a travel blogger and freelance writer living in Los Angeles, CA. I help people create more adventure in their lives every day, around the world and in their own backyards through my blog, Tremendous Times. My work has appeared and been shared by The Burning Man organization, HOW Design Magazine, The Dieline, LunaLuna Magazine, The Examiner, Elite Daily, and more. 

* Appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss the changes in the Burning Man community
* Speaker at the sold out Women in Travel Summit 2015 
* Appeared on the HPL Podcast with Brooke Schoenman to discuss a trip where she took only her purse
* Snorkeled in 35° water in between tectonic plates in Silfra and wrote sponsored posts about her journey

Stalk me on my portfolioInstagram, Pinterest, and find me on Snapchat as @tremendoustimes.