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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Intro workout video

    • 2. Workout video1

    • 3. Workout video 2

    • 4. Workout video3

    • 5. Workout video 4

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About This Class

workout bodyweight exercises

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Alan Perez

Entrepreneur, Author, and Real Estate Broker


I am a Young entrepreneur ,real estate Broker, and owner of a real estate company with 8 years 3 months of real estate sales experience. I also owned a restaurant. Have a bachelors of science in business administration with a concentration in Finance. I am currently working on obtaining my CFA charter level 1 designation.

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1. Intro workout video : Hi, My name is Alan, and I am teaching this online course to teach people how to work out of your body weight exercises. Body weight exercises are very important because you're using your own body weight to exercise. Additionally, you won't need any equipment to work out on Lee Year old body weight. Body weight exercises consist of a lot of cardio and high interval training. This course is for everyone who was interested in losing weight fast and an easy format. By just following along to the workout videos, students will benefit by losing weight past exercising to these body weight exercise exercise videos. At the end of this course, students will be able to exercise to body weight exercises. Additionally, students will be in far better shape. Additionally, students will be far better shape. I repeated that in this course you order and how to exercise with your own body weight. You will learn to train with high interval training. You will also learn to do cardio workouts with no weights, so go ahead in. I just want to give you a general gist of the course and go ahead and sign up for the course should be a really good of course for you to work out and get in better shape. If you consistently workout Monday through Saturday, just 30 minutes a day, you should be in the, uh, have a lot better, a lot better training and should be a lot better shape. So it's all about consistency and being able to consistently workout Monday through Saturday, 30 minutes today. Um, so for some of you, 30 minutes and they might be a lot, but, you know, it just takes a little bit of do you use to just building that habit And after wild 30 minutes a day will be that much. So go ahead and sign up for this course. It's a really good course. You guys will be, um you guys won't be, uh, wasting your time by exercising on this course. So go ahead and sign up to really recourse and thank you guys so much. Once again. My name is Allen, and I'm teaching this body weight exercise course for you guys to get in better shape. Thank you so much. 2. Workout video1: All right. So you guys were going to be sweating. You guys were gonna let it all out. So I'm gonna make you guys threat in this workout video, so let's go, guys. This is called the Low Switch. Close reach, Kick punch. I want you guys to start spreading, and I want you guys to start sweating. I want you guys to push hard and try your best and try your hardest on this work. Don't you guys can do this, guys. Let's do this, guys. Push yourself. Push yourself. So how you guys doing tonight? Today? About two. Putting a lot of work face. So now they switched to our pop need. Guys, we're sitting up to How popular? Usual oblique. Use your core. Never three guys. But none of you did wake up service duties. Thanks. Pop me this record. Four seconds. So now we're doing there. 123 clap. 123 clap. Come on, guys. Pushed. You pushed through. Push through this. Let's do this. Just push through it. Don't go too fast, you know. Keep your pace. Just push. You guys. Are you guys ready to sweat loaf? Which kick punch now? Guys, We're switching to low switch. Quick punch. No such kick punch. Alright, guys. So now we're doing the low switch. Kick punch, though. Switch, kick, punch! No such kick punch! It's push! Faceless! Push! Was it to a pop me Hop! Hop me guys, Let's do this! Guys, up, up! Do this party! Keep pushing! Keep pushing! Let's go, guys, up top Neek, this is called the heart. Pop me. Come on, guys, just do this. Now we're searching back to 123 club. 123 clap. 123 Crap! Guys, this do this. Let's do this, guys. Come on, guys. You guys can do this. Yes, you do. These guys want to do. Are you feeling Marie? Keep pushing his do his face. Let's do this, guys. Right now we're switching to low switch kick punch! Close Which kick Punch? No such kick Punch precision to low search kick! Punch face! Let's do this, guys, Push through Pushtun! Pick it up! Push! Push! Stupid! Really switch right now in a little bit. Keep keep going for a couple more seconds. There was a hop hop. You guys hop! Pop hop! Hop me! Pop me. Let's do this. Come on. Come on, guys. This Judas Hop up! How puppy do these guys? A couple of seconds now we're searching back to 123 claps. 123 claps. I was do this. Guys said she ended up 123 Cops! 123 Crap! She's pushing! Guys, Keep pushing. It's your place. Come on, guys, Let's do it because they're going to start study. No, you actually be rude of starts ready. Come on, guys. Pushed through. Push through! Come on, guys, let's do this. Come on, let's do this. Alright, guys. So no. So doing this next exercise, we follow me. Follow me on the video. Follow me on the video, guys, Come on, Let's do this problem. You guys, a couple more seconds. A couple more seconds. Let's do this. Do this face a couple of seconds. A couple more seconds. Let's do this. Come on, come off and just do this. Do this. Do this. Do these nicks exercises. Follow me on this exercise. Come on, keep going. Push to do. Push through. Use your core. Come on. High knees, guys. Heidi's Chinese guys, Chinese A couple more seconds. A couple of seconds. Alright, guys. So now you guys are gonna take your first water break. Go ahead and take your first water break. Guys, you should be studying now, Come on, just wipe down the sweat. Wipe it off. Come on. That How are you guys doing? Oh, yes, Rating. You should be sweating with a couple more segments and then we have to a couple of seconds of your water breaking that. We have to go and do the Lyell hurt Lunch. Come on, fly over. Hook lunch. Come on, A day question will push through. I owe her clinch. Cryo hook Lunch prior her clinch this. Do this guy. We need a bacon head and take a little break. Push to I really do some jumping jacks, guys. Some jumping jacks. Follow me on my jumping jacks for me on the video. Come on, guys. This do this. Let's do this guy's Just do this, Guys. I know you guys do this. Come on, guys. Appointed to sweat to keep pushing. Keep moving. Let's do this. Such kick Punch, guys. Now researching to switch kick punch! Do this guy Switch! Kick, punch, switch, kick! Punch! Thanks. Let's do this this dude is they Switch, kick, punch! You can do this. Search! Kick! Punch such kick punch! Come on, guys, Push it! Push it! Let's do this. Do this, guys. Come on, guys. A couple more seconds. A couple more seconds. Studious, mysterious guys. Fire hook, Lunch. Prior hook, crunch. Just keep pushing to keep pushing through. You guys are doing great. Come on, guys, let's do this first. Do this. You guys are doing great. Yes, they're doing great. Guys. Let's do this. Keep going. Keep going. A couple more seconds. Couple more seconds. A couple of seconds, Chinese guys! Chinese, Chinese guys. Put your hand on your knees. Come on, Follow me on the video. Move! Come on, guys. The students! Come on, guys. You guys could do this a couple more seconds. Let's do this. Let's make this happen. Push through days. I know it's pretty challenging, but you guys can do this. Come on, you frustrating game. Good workout. All right, guys. When I was searching to switch kick punch. Now, come on, you can do this. Let's do this. Come on, guys. A couple of seconds. A couple of seconds. Studious guys cover more seconds a couple of seconds. Guys, You guys can do this. You can do this. You're almost there. A couple of seconds. Couple of seconds, guys. So now recision to play a hook. Lunch prior her crunch. Priore, her clinch is Do these guys Sure. Here, you guys. Hello, guys. Is this prior? Hooked Lunch? Yes, I was at 10 minutes. Come on, guys. You guys were almost 10 minutes. A couple of seconds. High knees, guys. High knees. No research into high knees. Put your hands on the knees. 3. Workout video 2: All right, guys, Are you guys ready? Now? We're going to switch it up. We're going to go back to switch. Kick punch. Come on, guys, Keep going. Keep going, guys. Push the push. Do Base. Let's do this. Let's go. Come on. You guys could do this. You got it, baby. Let's go. Let's go back. He has your working. Come on, baby. This Do this. Come on, Base. So now we're going to switch. Kick punch. Alright, guys, duties followed me in this exercise. I get tired. Just follow me on this exercise. Let's do this. Come on. He had to come up. All right, So now we're during non climbers place. Do not climbers pushed through. No en climbers knowing climbers, no inquirers. You guys are tired. Keep going. Keep going. Just do this. Do this Sorted out. Pence setting pushed through. Push through. Push through. All right, guys, following me on this exercise following me on these exercises. I just do this. Guys, Come on, Let's go. A couple more seconds. A couple more seconds. I just do this. I know you guys study. We have to keep going. Pushed to push through. No, we're doing the AB. Protect! Protect! Come on, Habitat. Let's do this, cushy. Guys, stay in the sand. I know it's hard. Let's go! Just push it! Push it! Based! Come on, guys. No exception to this exercise directly. Like who were leapfrogging. We're pushing our body forward and we're pushing a body backwards. Come on, guys, let's do this. Push to push through. Let's go! Let's go! Come on, guys, A couple more seconds. A couple more seconds. Let's do this, Student. Let's do this, Chinese guys, we're going to switch. Switch, kick. Keep pushing. Keep pushing, guys. Still this? You know it's hard on. You guys were sweating, which is a stick. Three. Come on, guys. No claimers. Research into mild clamors. Now, just do the best you can do. Do this. The movie Guys, You guys do this. If you could do this, guys, kids can do this. Come on, guys. Let's do this years. Could do this, guys whose? Do it. I knew you could do this. Come on, guys. Follow me on this exercise. Are you Push! You guys! Are you guys cushy? Come on, guys, do this. Are you guys ready? Yes. Could take a little break if you need a break. Let's do this, guys. Let's do this, Guys. I know you studying. I know you guys are ready, but yes, if he has need a break already. Take a break. Students, Students, Do you follow me on this exercise? Follow me on this exercise. Probably probably. Let's do this. I know this is hard, but we gotta push through. We gotta push to tomorrow. Guys, do this. Do this. Come on to push through. Let's do this. I know it's hard for him in the video. Follow me on the video. I know it started following me on the video. Follow me on the radio base. Get ready. Go. Come on. Well, you were skiing and throwing the body Said He said It's like your skin goes. I break your scheme. Break your skin. Guys, Students! Come on, guys. You could do this. Come on, guys, break your scheme. Let's go, guys. Disco. You could do this. You guys can do this. Yes. Can do this case. Come on, come on. That is a problem with sexual for a group of Sector six. Guys do this. You guys can do this. He gets completed Let's do this. Honey is tired and you never tired. Just got to keep going. We gotta be pushing. You got to keep pushing. Guys, do this tired. Come on. I mean, you could do this. I know you. Every time you do this face, keep pushing. Keep fishing, Guys. You guys need to keep pushing people into. We're almost there. Almost there. Guys cover over. Receptive because you go ahead and take a break. Guys, that he has a scheme that Mikey has your skin. Come on, guys. He has gotta keep going. Only on this video. Well, I mean, it is a video. If he does your scheme like scheme Africa is your skin Three years or scheme? She party said He said, Come on, you need a break. Going to take a break? Take a plate. He is. Come on. No, we're doing jumping jets. Who said she's too jumping checks? Research into jumping yet so better keep continuing to push. Push your body. Push for mine Already Pretty hard Exercise. It's called the running. We run a exercise. You could do this guy's forward. More seconds. Do this guy's rapping like scheme Nobody really sad. He said Nobody said. He said, Come out! You guys could do this. You guys can do this, guys, You can do it. You can do it on your exercise video. Do these guys Come on, guys. Let's do this, guys. Now research into this exercise. 3 60 Squatting 3 60 squats. Source were squatting clockwise, right? Grew. Actually she makes sure they see your mind like squatting clockwise. 4. Workout video3 : All right, so no order. We know to 3 60 Help op, Squat. Come on, guys. So that's your you know, 3 60 hops. Just keep pushing. Keep pushing This pushing this from all this serious 3 60 hops. What? 3 60 Hop squad. Let's do this guy's 360 hops. What? Ground water. If you need to water, take a break if you need to take a water break using the water record helps What? 3 60 house used to see the 3 60 hops. What a couple more seconds of risk. We got a couple of minutes ago. You guys do all right, guys know we're doing the slalom. Who? Shifting your body? Saudi side after your skating. I think you're skiing. Act like your skin side to side. Push a body side to side Some days I think your scheme 12 days Keep going. Let's do this, guys. You're going Guys, keep pushing. We're what we have decided. Sounds like risky. Come on, let's do this. This push to push through guys, keep pushing us pushing. Let's do this place. Keep pushing to pushing. Does a couple more seconds. Come on. That's just do this. Now we're doing the scissor Caesar run Knicks. Let's do this with scissors. With the freedom they were taking her body up like next. Come on, guys, says Rex. Says Rex, do this, guys says Rex, You're tired and retired things for which said it. Brooke, let's do this. You do this from all guys back to this. Look solemn. Come on, guys. Christine, come on. Ice for safety. Refusing to break in and take a break from ELEX using a grateful and take a break. I never believed to this next exercise. Do these guys love him safe? Come on, let's do this. Flown in the section in 60 days. Let's do this. Congress Scissors, scissors, Rex, Your body like the scissor your body elected next. You guys retired. Guys, Come on, He's got this. You got this pushing. Keep pushing us! Keep pushing! Come on! This pushing, Pushing! Keep it going! Come on! Doing this long. You gotta push! Push! Come on, Let's do this. Do this. Keep pushing. If you pushing those, keep pushing. These guys keep pushing. He's about Here's could do this. Yes, students. Come on, guys. You didn't see it? Yes, you do. These guys keep pushing No doing. Jump injects, doing, Jumping! Come on, students, You can keep up. I know it's hard. Yes. Come on, Caesar and Cicero no longer. Come on. Keep it going to be. You should know. Scissor it. Center. Push! You guys push through. I know you guys retired. Keep going. Keep going. Come on! Nice years. Could do this. Do power jump, Guys, get ready! Howard jumped our jump following me, probably to Sergeant power jumping. I think you swan! Jump in the squad! Power jump! Squat! Come on! This, students. Come on, guys, Let's do this. Come on. It's too. Here's the comedian. Yes. Good. Good. Let's do this. Days. Spring, spring. Thank you, String. String it out. Come on, guys, you string. You're stringing Guys, there's do this. Just think you're screaming. Make your spring. Come on, guys. Scope. Let's go. Did it give me a break from all of this along when you started your career? Come on, more guys, Come on. We're going to start winding up a little bit. A little bit like John Neck like you. Come on, let's go to school. 5. Workout video 4: Alright, guys. So now we're gonna warm up and we're gonna be warming up to a short little video, so just follow me. Go ahead in a stretch. Uh, go ahead and structure your arms, Your back. Go ahead and structure leagues. So it's just just a quick little warm up after the hard work out that we did. So this is just to warm up your body that way you don't owe any ligaments or temperament. Any injuries, you have to stay healthy with your body as well as with your with your mind in orderto keep working out consistently every day. So we're gonna be stretching like this. Go ahead and call me on this video. Put your hand on your your toes. Stretch. Put your hand on your knees and stretch. So go ahead and follow me. Guys, search arms. Take a deep breath. Keep breath, guys. Go ahead and stretch arms. Take a deep breath