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8 Videos (9m)
    • 1.0 - wordpress for bloggers intro

    • 1.1 - looking at a selection of plugins

    • 1.2 - optimizing and speedy website

    • 1.3 - plugins for working with content

    • 1.4 - security and maintaining your site

    • 1.5 - other plugin suggestions

    • 1.6 - the roundup

    • 1.7 - share and review (...)


About This Class


on every blog i make these are the tools/plugins/processes that i do.

you don't need a wordpress site to have a blog these days you have plenty of options from medium, posthaven, tumblr - the list goes on where you can host.

when i do make a wordpress site these are my go to plugin bits that i install. if you want the minimum of fuss these are the ones i use. just make sure you run something like managewp.com to keep your sites up to date, plugins are add on elements to the existing wordpress core that CAN be known to cause problems. wordpress has got better over the years and it's one of the biggest content management platforms in the world still.

in this course will be talking about. . .

  • using a super fast caching plugin (or hosts hardware one)
  • intergrating the awesome smart podcast player
  • making sure your seo is on point with yoast
  • removing comments completely and pointing people to social channels
  • marketing your email newsletter with drip.co
  • using a great gallery plugin like enviragallery
  • hooking up fb instant articles with pagefrog
  • getting a theme with a page builder for rapid site building
  • selling shirts easy with woocommerce and printful (on demand printing!)
  • no need to rememeber logins just use your phone with clef
  • plugins for making money from your website
  • easily intergrate tracking code and bits of html code plugins

and yes, i'm gonna try and give you that overview in twenty minutes.

i want you to leave feeling confident that YOU can setup your own wordpress site with ease and maintain it with fairly minimal stress!





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Philip 'dm' Campbell

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