weight loss : how to lose 15 kg in 28 days .

Hadi Nasser

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8 Videos (36m)
    • 5 food you shouldnt eat

    • 6 tips for weight loss


    • PHASE 1 10 DAYS

    • Phase 2

    • Motivation

    • important information

    • introduction


About This Class

So If You Want To Boost Your Performance, Feel More Energized And Live A Healthier Life, This Is The Right Course For You .

Unfortunately, the internet is full of false health gurus that sell you
all kinds of diet plans and supplements that are overpriced and don't
work. This is why I wanted to create an video course that not only
debunks the most common dieting myths but also teaches
everything you need to know to reach your dieting goals, be it to lose
fat, build muscle or simply live a healthier life.

Have you been struggling...

  • With your weight loss?
  • Finding a weight loss program that works, only to gain all your weight back after you quit your program?
  • To lose weight and fat around your belly? hips? thighs? waist? arms?
  • With fitting into your favorite clothes or jeans anymore?
  • With dramatic weight gain?
  • With gaining muscle or building lean, fat burning muscle mass?
  • With embarrassment from being seen in your bathing suit?
  • From low confidence and self esteem?
  • With Sadness?
  • Depression?
  • Getting winded from walking up a small flight of stairs?

You'll Learn...

  • Why popular diet and exercise programs DON'T WORK for lasting weight loss.
  • Exactly what you have been doing that is wrecking your body, and ruining your weight loss.
  • What you need to be eating to see real weight loss and transform your body.
  • Simple tricks you can use every day to master your weight loss and trim inches off of your waist line.
  • How to put your weigh loss into overdrive, and burn more calories from fat than you would on other weight loss programs.
  • Why strength training and building muscle is ideal for weight loss.
  • Why weight loss is better when you STOP counting calories.
  • How to make 5 star quality meals IN MINUTES, that will enhance your weight loss.
  • How cheating on your diet is GREAT for weight loss.
  • How you can see incredible weight loss results by working out at home
  • Why spending less time working out (80% less), is better for weight loss and building muscle.
  • Different time-saving exercise routines that can help you build muscle lose weight

So What Are You Waiting For?

Let's Get You Started Today And I'll See You Inside The Course.






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Hello, I'm Hadi.

B.A.A in Management information systems. B.A in International management. M.A in Business intelligence and process management

Have taught Arabic language for 7years now, for foreigners .

I am an ethical hacker, pentester and a computer scientist .

I started teaching my first course online in the training center ,
again this course received amazing feedback from learners .

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